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March 2019

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A Word from the Director

Greetings to you in the Name of Jesus christ.

Our operations seem to be doing well. We have shipped out 600 tons already this year. Still moving forward toward our goal of 2000 tons this year . We have several containers in port right now. Would you pray with us for their safe delivery and distribution?

Our dear friend and partner Edwin L. Hodges went to be with Jesus on March 22. I am sure he heard the words, “Well done, good and faithful servant.” Edwin and I have been friends since 1976 when we first met at a missions conference. In 1991, he called me and said that he had just resigned from Bibles for the World, and wanted to start doing in Alabama what we were doing at Love Packages in Illinois. We helped him get started and had a great working relationship for many years. In 2016, he needed to retire and Love Packages took over the operations in Alabama. is servant hear will be missed by all of us. Please pray for his family.

One of the greatest thrills of my life is to see what God does when we walk in faithful obedience to the call of God. The scripture tells us to walk by faith and not by sight. The ministry of Love Packages is like that. You see very little of what is happening or the full extent of what God is doing. We only see the tip of the iceberg. We only hear a few of the stories. But we know that God is doing so much more

Today, there are millions of people who are reading, watching, and listening to materials that we have sent. We won’t know the lives changed, the impact, nor all the stories until we get to Heaven. So let’s keep walking by faith, believing God for his purposes to be fulfilled on the earth.

Yours for souls,

Steven J. Schmidt



I am Iyoti an I am 35 years old. I reside in a small village in Khanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India. I am married and have two children. I used to fall sick often and the doctors were unable to identify my problem. I spent money going to various witch doctors and everything was in vain.

One day your distributor came to our village. He gave me some booklets. Gospel of John and Romans. I started to read them and it shared the love of Jesus Christ. he also told me that Jesus can heal me if I asked Him. He prayed for my healing with my family and left the village.

When he returned to my village next week, he shared with me and my family members about the miracles Jesus has performed in this world and the love He has for all of us. While he prayed for me, I felt a great deliverance, and I received new strength.


While he prayed for me, I felt a great deliverance, and I received new strength.


Now I am happy. Then my whole family began to recognize the change in my life and my healing, now they have started to believe in Jesus. Today as a whole family we are attending the worship that is held in our village. Our desire is that we must share about the love of this True God with our family members and friends.



Pastor Lemon. Testimony – I would like to thank you so much for the books and Bibles that you sent to our church. Personally, I appreciate the Bibles so much. As a preacher, it’s good that I have a Bible of my own. The one that I had was now torn up and coming apart. So you can see why I was so excited when I received one. I also got a Bible commentary, wow, it is so good I tell you. Now I am able to do my research and my work and my studying. It is so much easy now.

Thanks for giving us these books. In Domboshava, our lives will never be the same again. God bless you.


Our lives will never be the same again.



From the last few months till now, we have received from you some more paper back Bibles and hardback Bibles which have been so much helpful. This helped us to put Bibles in the hand of churches that their members do not have the financial resources to purchase even one, even if it were available.


This helped us to put Bibles in the hand of churches that their members do not have the financial resources to purchase even one, even if it were available.


Recently, there is a very large Muslim community namely Zongo in Accra and Madina where the majority of the Muslims reside. We did mass street to street evangelism and door to door evangelism on the subject, “the big difference between the Holy Bible and the Holy Koran. And the God of the bible and the god of the Quran.”

It was so interesting Reverend, as I speak to you now, thousands of these Muslims have now requested a Bible to read for themselves. This is a very big opportunity that would let many of these Muslims give their lives to our Lord Jesus Christ. So my request Steve if you have in-hand more of the paper back and hardback Holy Bibles you can put as many as you wish on this coming container to us.



Good morning servant of The Most High. In Swaziland we did door to door with the youth. I cannot express my gratitude enough on the help we are getting from you. The people, to whom you sent materials, provided our ministry with tracks, Bibles and Sunday school materials. Our ministry has pastors in very remote areas of Swaziland, where most people are not working. Through our pastors, we were able, as a church, to provide the teachers in these remote areas with teachings and Bible studies and even giving to those that can read Bibles.

When I gave out almost all the received packages of Christian literature, Bibles and books to the 200 pastors at Mfantsiman district-central Region for the support of their 200 churches, I was unaware of how broke down some of these people’s churches were. Their network meeting place and office is located in the city of Salt-pond.

I had a phone call from their Leader, Abakah who is the pastor of the widows and disabled church telling me that this network of pastors has been revived. He also said by the help of the materials, the collapsed churches are rising to the Glory of God. Members are coming back to the various collapsed churches.


He also said by the help of the materials, the collapsed churches are rising to the Glory of God.


I was lastly told that pastors who did not have the money to buy even a sample of a gospel scripture, do now have access to a lot of literature, Bibles and books that you shipped to us. I can’t begin to tell you the great difference it has made. All glory is to God.



Thank you ever so much for your kind assistance to our poor churches in this country. Our most profound gratitude to all of you. As usual, many pastors from Central Luzon were blessed tremendously by the Sunday School materials, tapes, books, Bibles, and devotionals. The four bibles were given to pastors.


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