Needed Materials

You can donate bibles, of course, but that’s not all! One of the most common questions we hear is, “What kinds of materials do you send overseas?”


bibles literature donation list

Items You Can Donate

If what you have falls under any of these categories, feel free to send it to us. 

  • Bibles (new or used): All Bibles, New Testaments, Bible portions, individual gospel booklets, etc.
  • Tracts: All tracts
  • Reference books and commentaries: Dictionaries, Bible dictionaries, concordances, commentaries, etc.
  • Books: All Christian books—adult or children, non-fiction. We’re not interested in fiction, romance novels, etc.
  • Magazines: Any magazine from a Christian publisher. e.g. Discipleship Journal, Decision, Voice, Aglow, Christ for the Nations, Pentecostal Evangel, Message of the Cross, Leadership, Bread for the Children, etc.
  • Sunday school supplies: We accept adult quarterlies and all teacher manuals in any amount from all publishers. We accept children’s quarterlies if you have the teacher’s manual and full student manuals.  (We would like at least 8 student manuals, if possible, but will accept less.) Please DO NOT SEND any handiwork, craft, or busy work papers.
  • Daily devotionals: Upper Room, Daily Bread, In Touch, etc.
  • CDs, DVDs, BluRays: Music, movies, teaching from well known speakers (Billy Graham, Swindoll, etc.)
  • Puppets, Noah’s Ark, Bible games, nativity sets, biblical puzzles: Most anything that helps to present the gospel, especially to children.

Still not sure? We essentially have two criteria for deciding what material we accept: Something that will lead someone to faith in Christ and/or something that will disciple a believer. If your material does one of those things, send it.


Items We Do Not Use

Save yourself some postage and do not send these types of items:

  • VHS/Tapes/Records/8-tracks
  • Guideposts
  • Handiwork or busy papers from Sunday School materials
  • Secular books (other than dictionaries)
  • Missions magazines

Please feel free to call us with any questions! (217) 532-6701