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Putting the Word of God into Hungry Hands All Over the World

Love Packages collects bible donations—as well as donations of Christian books, Sunday School materials, and more—from people and publishers across the U.S. and ship it to our network of distributors all over the world.

We ship over 2,000 tons of recycled gospel literature on the mission field every year. Our goal for 2024 is to ship 2,024 tons overseas.

Learn how it all started.

“We have allocated some of your resources for missionaries in Malawi, Tanzania, and Kenya. The needs are so very great and you can be sure that every Bible or theology book you have sent will be greatly appreciated, earnestly studied, and eagerly taught and applied.”

– Distributor in South Africa –

How It Works

Donated bibles and other used Christian literature come in or get picked up from all over the country.

Bibles, books, reference material, CDs, and more are sorted and categorized.

Different kinds of material are packed in color-coded boxes for easier distribution on the mission field.

20-foot cargo containers stuffed with the gospel are sent to our distributors in port cities around the world.

Take a Tour!

Take a tour through our Butler, Illinois, facility with founder Steve Schmidt.

Steve will walk you through the receiving warehouse, where we collect, sort, and pack donated bibles and other Christian literature. You will also get a view of the receiving warehouse, where pallets of material are stacked for upcoming shipments all over the world.

“Pastors who did not have the money to buy even a sample of a gospel scripture, do now have access to a lot of literature, Bibles and books that you shipped to us. I can’t begin to tell you the great difference it has made.”

– Distributor in Swaziland –

Get Involved!

There are several ways you can be a part of what God is doing through the literature ministry!

  1. Pray for the work, the distributors, and the people who read the material.
  2. Donate funds to help us operate and ship containers.
  3. Donate bibles and other Christian literature.
  4. Volunteer on your own or bring a short-term missions group.

“Each time I see a bible (in the warehouse), and I’m touching those things, I’m like, ‘Wow. This is going to go to someone, and it’s going to change lives.'”

– Yaretsi Selvas, Student/Missionary –

Materials we can use

– Bibles

– Reference materials

– Books

– Magazines, daily devotionals, and tracts

– Sunday school materials

– CDs, DVDs, BluRay

– Puppets, nativity sets, etc.

Learn more about what we can and cannot use on our Needed Materials page.

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“We thank God that we are able to take the gospel to people who never ever heard about Christ. As soon as we entered in the village we distributed gospel literature to 7000 people, then after that we had meetings.”

– Distributor in India –

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