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Below are resources to help you organize a bible collection/drive with your local church or ministry group, to help you spread the word about Love Packages, and to help you better understand what we do and why.


Get resources to help organize a bible drive.

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Bible Collection Resources

We have a variety of bulletin inserts available to use for any kind of bible drive you want to organize with your local church or ministry group. You can download and print them for free.

You can also get a variety of resources to help organize a “1000 Bibles for Love Packages” campaign, including bulletin inserts, presentation slides, social media posts, and more!

You can also download and print copies of our latest newsletters. These are excellent additional resources to have on-hand to encourage donations!


Watch (or read – full text is also available) and share some of our videos to learn more about the ministry of Love Packages, and how the literature you donate changes lives all over the world!

You can also subscribe to our YouTube channel to get notifications of new videos.

Additional Resources