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Anthony’s Bio

Anthony with wife Missy

My name is Anthony Bonavia.  I was born on June 13, 1986 in Saline, Michigan.  I had a rough childhood.  I moved to Alabama in 2003, met my wife and was married on April 22, 2005.  We had our first child, Kailey in May of 2005, our second daughter, Kristina, in July of 2006 and in July of 2007, we had our son, Daniel.  Over the next few years we struggled as most young couples do.

I went through some struggles and ended up in jail.  It was in jail that I came to know Jesus!  I have put my faith in Him and Jesus has blessed me.  My wife and I , as well as our children still struggle, but knowing that Jesus is always with us and has forgiven us makes things alot easier.  I want to serve at Love Packages because I want to help change peoples lives.  I want people to come to know the Lord and be saved.  And I want other peoples struggles to be easier, like mine are now.  Another exciting reason to serve here is that I’m helping spread the Gospel all over the world!

I want people to feel the love that only Jesus can give.  Being a child of God doesn’t make me or anyone perfect, but having His unconditional love and forgiveness is the best feeling in the world!