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Should We Do Less? Bible Donations in the 10/40 Window


The last time I was in India, I was supposed to meet one of my literature distributors up in the northeastern part of India. I couldn’t go to where he was, because it’s closed to outsiders. So I told him, “Meet me at a place called Shillong, Meghalaya, at this Bible school, and we can talk about how to get literature to you better.”

I want to share this story with you, because I think it’s going to point out how much Christian literature is needed all around the world.


Unexpected Visitors

I was waiting there in Shillong, waiting for him to show up, and he didn’t show up. When you’re in India and somebody doesn’t show up, you just wait another day. Who can tell? Maybe an elephant ran the bus off the road or something.


map india bibles donated


The next day, he showed up. When he got there he said,

I am so sorry. I meant to come. I was on my way. I was just walking out the door when 10 men came to my house, and they said,

“We heard that we can get Christian literature from you. We don’t have any Bibles in our country. We don’t have any books in our country. Can you help us?”

[I] said, “Well, I’ve only got these two boxes, here, from Love Packages, but you can have them.”

They sat down in my front room and just began to cry. They said, “Don’t you understand? We’ve come so far. We’ve walked 15 days. We don’t have any Bibles in our country. We don’t have any books. Please help us.”

I felt so bad. [I] said, “You just sit right here.”

He went and got a couple runners, and he said, “I want you to run to people’s homes tonight, and I want you to tell them, ‘Pastor said bring their bibles when they’re come to church.'”


An Unusual Request

And so, that night, he told me the story of how he stood in front of his congregation and told them,

These men have walked from Burma. They’ve walked 15 days, and they’ve come pleading and crying to me for Bibles. This is what I want you to do. I want you to give me your Bibles tonight. I promise you that I will get you a better Bible than you have now. It may take me months to get them, but I promise you I’ll get you a better Bible than you have now.

And that night, that congregation gave all their Bibles to these men, so they could carry them on their backs and on their heads, 15 days back into their country.


burma mountains


Should We Do Less?

That’s the hunger that there is for the Word of God. And that’s the sacrifice that the Church overseas is willing to make in order to get the Word of God to these people.

My question to you is, should we do less?


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