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Every Testimony Multiplies


Last year we shipped over 1,000 tons of literature all around the world. Of all the literature that we ship, there’s not a piece of it that has Love Packages’ name on it. So most of the people that get the literature from us never know that it comes from us.

That doesn’t mean that we don’t hear from people. It doesn’t mean that we don’t get testimonies. We get testimonies from all over the world. If you go to the website, you’ll be able to see some of those testimonies. But from time to time, there’s a little lull, or there’s a little dead space, where we don’t get a testimony for a week or two weeks or three weeks.

During those times, it just begins to be work. You’re working 50 hours a week, you know: You’re throwing boxes, you’re packing stuff up, you’re sorting literature, you’re doing all those kinds of things.


loading bible donations


And it was recently that we just had a problem where we didn’t have testimonies. They’re kind of a shot in the arm, kind of a joy to our heart—help us keep going. I mean, you know what you’re doing is good and you know what you’re doing is working because God promised in His word that it wouldn’t return to Him void. So, I mean, you know, by faith that what you’re doing is significant, but some days, it just gets to be work.

We were in a period of like that [recently]. The staff and I had gathered together and we prayed and we said, “God, you know, we need to hear of somebody’s life being changed. Can you please send us some testimonies so that we can have the joy of the Lord again?”


Answered Prayer: Testimonies from the Mission Field

About three days later, I was sitting here at my desk and I was looking at my email and I got an email from one of our literature distributors: Pastor Paul in India. He sent me 35 testimonies of people’s lives that had been changed because of Love Packages’ literature.

I called the staff in. I said, “Hey, come in here, guys. You know, I wanna read these stories to you.” And so I begin to read the stories to them as I sat down.


Saved from Suicide in India

The first story was from a young lady. She said,

I’m a young lady and my parents died by an accident. I was taken in by some distant relatives. I didn’t have any immediate family, but distant relatives took me in. But it wasn’t very long and they told me, ‘Listen, it’s very difficult for us. We can’t afford to keep you.’

India is a very difficult place and so they told me, ‘You must go now. You must leave. You have to leave our home.’

I was a devout Hindu and so I prayed to all my Hindu gods and I asked them, ‘Please help me, help me, help me.’ None of them would listen or hear my prayers. I didn’t even have enough to take food.

She was starving to death. So she said, “Why am I living such a miserable life?”

And so she decided that she was going to walk over to the train station and there, she was going to throw herself in front of a train and put an end to her miserable life.


railroad tracks


Walking in front of the train station, she said,

I ran into one of your literature distributors and they gave me a little booklet called, The Almost Christian. It captured my attention. I said to myself, ‘I must sit down and read this before I die.’

So she sat down and she read, for the first time in her life, about Jesus Christ, and she gave her life to Christ. God snatched her at the very edge of eternity.


Every Testimony Multiplies

While I’m reading the testimony to the staff, the phone rings. I pick up the phone and it’s Pastor Paul who just sent me the email. He says, “I wanted to make sure that you got the email that I sent. Did you get them? I sent you an email today with lots of different testimonies. Did you get them?”

I said, “I’m reading them right now. I’m reading the one about the woman that was going to throw herself in front of a train.”

“Oh,” he said. “She’s such a fine Christian. She’s going everywhere. She’s leading hundreds of young ladies to the Lord. She’s taking your literature, going everywhere.”

So you know, not only did one piece of literature—at exactly the right time—save that woman’s life, but that woman now is seeing hundreds of young ladies give their lives to Christ.

You never can tell what you could accomplish by collecting your literature and sending it to Love Packages.


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