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160 Baptisms in India
March 23, 2019

We thank God for his grace upon our ministry that we are able to take the gospel to people who never ever heard about Christ. We are so glad to go to the unreached villages with church planting.

Our evangelical team traveled 60 miles by hiring van with lots of new testaments and literature. The village name is Benganore. As soon as we entered in the village we distributed gospel literature to 7 thousand people, then after that we had meetings. As we started singing more than 1500 people packed the ground and God’s power moved mightily among people and miracles took place.

By seeing these miracles people started inviting others also from other villages and as a team we prayed for each one of them who were sick or possessed by evil spirit. People came forward to give testimony that the power of God touched them and healed them in Jesus’ name.

We will be giving baptism for 160 people.

At the end of the meetings unfortunately very sad things happened to us. One radical group came and broke our equipment’s sound system and projector screen and they beat all of us, immediately we called police, they came and saved us from the life threat so the anti Christians radical groups warned us seriously that we should not come again and do the conversion, but we will.

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