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250 Youth Saved
February 9, 2020

Ruth the evangelist, and myself went out to a place where the youth hang out. Amongst them were youth leaders pastors and lost souls. There were 250 of them – we ministered on the prodigal son and they all gave their lives to the Lord or rededicated their lives to Him. The amazing thing is that there were two pastors who were backslidden – they gave their lives back to the Lord. The message was appropriate the Lord knew he had two lost sons there. They were so happy, we gave them books. They took quite a bit to go back to their church to bless the general overseer and to share the good news.
There were Sunday school teachers who were in awe with the books too. School children were like “Now we can enjoy our religious studies” Very fruitful outreach winning souls. We thank you for making it easier to evangelize with these materials.

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