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A doctor on a train
June 11, 2015

We have no words to say how grateful we are to distribute your valuable materials. Thousands and thousands of Christian workers, child evangelists and youth leaders have benefitted through this literature. We are attaching a brief report on the distribution of your literature. India Bible Literature is right now vigorously working towards reaching the children of India who are about 45% of the total population of India. Your valuable literature for children has come to us at a right time when we were lacking the right tool to achieve our goal. A Child evangelist who got the children pack gave an illustration:

A doctor was traveling in a train and the train met with an accident. Many were injured and someone called out “Is there a doctor in the train?”. The doctor rose eagerly to help but to his dismay he did not have the medicine kit to render his services.

I was like this doctor who did not have the tools to reach out to the children of India in this crime filled times and now I am so happy to get these kits from IBL which are so useful and real blessing to my evangelistic work among children”.

We never had any books for children especially for youth and now most of the Christian Schools in many parts of India have stocked their libraries with the valuable youth Bible Study periodicals and magazines that you sent us and are using these for their Christian Doctrine classes. Every year we conduct Children Bible Schools Teachers Training Programme for 400 Sunday School Teachers and Leaders during summer to train them to conduct VBS classes for children in their respective areas. Over the last couple of years (ever since we received your container loads of literature) everyone who came for the training took your literature and said that these are very useful for their youth ministry.