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Accepted Christ as their Savior
June 11, 2015

Testimony concerning Sunday school materials.  The church pastor gave us a testimony that before there were only 40 children but after starting this program the children increased to 80 children and all the children have come from Hindu background only and  now have accepted Christ as their Savior. Through these children even their parents are also coming to the church regularly.

We noticed how these leaders are running the Sunday school and we took testimonies from the children also. When we asked questions regarding Bible verses they were very much active and answering us all the questions. One child gave his testimony that before he was naughty, and used to speak bad words, couldn’t listen to his parents and had misbehavior against God.  But after attending to the Sunday school he accepted Christ, stopped speaking bad words, always listen to the gospel message and he was changed in all the aspects. Through his change in his life even His parents are also attending to the church regularly. He brought 2 more  friends with him to attend the club regularly. So please pray for him and his parents that they should continue to attend the church. We are very happy for his testimony.