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Almost Fell Off The Mountain
June 11, 2015

I apologize for this late mail. The 20 foot container was finally delivered to Baguio City and unloaded last Saturday – November 25. Praise the Lord. Although the container was released the evening of Friday – Nov. 24, the truck had trouble pulling the container up the mountain and broke down twice. At one time it lost its brakes and almost fell off the mountain. When we unloaded the container we were overjoyed at the items that were in it. Foremost were the Bibles. Then the Vacation Bible School kits, then the thousands of reading material. The container arrived just in time for a large Women’s conference we are having next week, and then successive medical missions, school crusades and outdoor evangelistic crusade from January to May, 2007. Thank you

also for the bicycles and sandals. The children here in the Orphan Home will enjoy them.