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Attendance has increased
June 11, 2015

1) The bicycles that you have sent which were distributed among my co-pastors are indeed a blessings to the recipients because pastors can now visit church members with no expense at all even in the remote and rural areas in their places of assignments; the two computers are now being used by two of my pastors;

2) The recipients of the good books, tapes, CDs that you sent were a great help not only in the personal libraries of pastors but also in their respective churches libraries;

3) The Bibles and Hymnals were also distributed among the pastors in their churches who cannot afford to buy these excellent materials inspite of the fact that they are all in the English languages;

4) The VBS and SS materials/devotionals were being used in their respective churches among the Youth and Children and these are very helpgul in nurturing the new believers in Christ; Outdated upper rooms booklets were also distributed among the adult and the young people;

5) Church attendance has increased in numbers in all churches where your materials are distributed both the adult, young people and children as well since they received these materials for free. I can also say that many souls are being saved after sharing the Gospel to them.