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Because You Gave
June 12, 2015

In 1997 during the reign of the Second Republican President Dr. F. T. J. Chiluba there was an attempted coup in Zambia and the master minder Captain Solo alias Steven Lungu. This man had taken over the nation for about three hours and while at the Transmission station he was captured and sentenced to death after trial. He was not a Christian and he did not know God. But through the materials you send this man gave his life to the Lord. He asked for a bible, magazines and other books which could help him. He started to grow in Christ so fast, I sent him audiotapes to help him with his fellow inmates. This man’s life is changed; he has had to testify in the National Times Newspaper this is all because YOU GAVE. Not only did captain Steven Lungu become a BORN-AGAIN Christian, but we started to hear encouraging reports of prisoners lives being transformed. They encouraged us and we made sure that we flood the prisons, bus stations, hospitals, schools, churches and orphanages with the materials.