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Blessed with more souls
June 11, 2015

Thank you very much for the Love Package which we have just received. We are so happy and we are grateful to you for love and concern for the lost souls. Though our outreaching is slow but the Lord is blessing us with more souls. Recently 2 brothers came to Kohima from Bhutan area and they are seeking to be baptized – they are BUDDHIST! According to their testimony, while they were study in the college in West Bengel, someone gave them a magazine and tract. After going through the tracts and magazine they found out salvation is the gift of God and only one way and that is through Jesus Christ.

And they have been searching for peace and assurance in their own religions for many years but there is no peace nor assurance for their salvation, but after reading Christian magazine they started to go to the Full Gospel Fellowship near their college and were convinced that Jesus is the only hope of their salvation. So they decided to accept Jesus and desired to be baptized. They went home during vacation and told their mother about their decision to become Christian. She is a highly educated person and she had been reading some Christian books but had not converted. She did not oppose them but told them they would have to get baptized in Kohima not Bhutan. After they got baptized, they came to my house and I presented each of them with a new bible. They are so happy.