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Blind Man Received Bible on CD – Whole Family Saved!
June 11, 2015

I thank God for all the privilege and anointing upon us in reaching also the blind person who have not heard about Christ, we met one person his name is Mr. Ganesh, who is Hindu man working as telegraph operator in factory. He is married person he has 2 kids. We visited his house with the Bible Audio CD that you sent us, and they accepted us into their house and we evangelized them about the gospel of Christ, in continuation for them to grow in the Word of God, we presented the Bible Audio CD to them to hear the word of God. After two weeks again we visited their house. The whole family gave testimony that they have accepted Christ as their personal savior through the gospel that we shared and especially through the Bible CD they heard. Now the whole family is coming to our church, please pray for them that God should heal his eyes, we are also praying for the miracle to take place for the glory of God. Hallelujah all glory to the Lord Jesus.