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Childrens teacher training school
June 11, 2015

We have just returned from teaching a Childrens teacher training school in Teotitlan Oaxacau Mexico. The teaching had to be very simple, because the teachers that came for the training spoke many different dialects. They were all from different mountain areas. All spoke and read some Spanish, but not good enough for us to use just one translator. Even though it was difficult, God moved in a mighty way. We saw many of them healed and filled with the fire of the Holy Spirit. The day we gave out the graduation certificates, we gave each teacher a big envelope of Bible pictures, flannel graphs, a Bible and a couple of Spanish books. They all rejoiced! Some cried! All expressed to us that they have never gotten any materials such as this before. They couldn’t believe that we were actually going to give these materials to them. The reason I am writing this to you is to let you know how much of a blessing the Love Packages are. You have really blessed the people here. Thanks for helping us in Mexico. Also, we established a small library using Love Packages literature in the central church. Every teacher can now come and borrow materials as often as they need them. This will really help the teachers and the children in this area. Again thanks.