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Church in Prishtina
June 12, 2015

Greetings to all of you from the Church of Jesus Christ in Prishtina, in tormented Kosovo, where fights are going on, especially these last weeks. For six months now we have had war. The violence has taken away about 1000 victims, has caused 300,000 refugees, and over 1200 houses have been destroyed here. For us at the moment, travelling is almost an impossible task. The missionary work we started in some of the other towns needed to be stopped because of the war. The war situation has brought great discouragement to many of our believers around Kosovo, but among all of these troubles God has visited us. Thanks a lot for your third box of wonderful books. I’d like to let you know that they have been a great blessing for me and for the ministry here. My father ( who is pastoring in Gjakove) is also reading some of them too! I am looking forward to receiving more wonderful books from you and the Decision magazines are great too. Please pray for Prishtina where I am working with young people. We are praying for 100 new believers, so join with us in praying. 200,000 Muslim Albanians live here.