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Churches in Arunachal Pradesh
June 11, 2015

Thank you very much for another 5 boxes of the Love Packages which came to me this week. The consignment which I received earlier, I have sent through our carriage to the Pastors of Arunachal Pradesh. The churches in Arunachal Pradesh desperately need many Bible and reading materials. The Holy Spirit is moving mightily in that forbidden regions, the revival fire is burning in the hearts of the believers with a great desire to witness and reach as much as possible lost souls for Christ. There are thousands newly converted and many of them are educated – they are desires to read the Bible, but Bible is not available in their area, so that they are requesting us to arrange and help them. All the bibles and reading materials which I received from you I sent them to that regions. We cannot send by other means except by carriage since the law is banned on Christian missions etc. and Bible and other materials also are not allowed, so when they suspect of such consignment they are destroyed. But thank God our consignment has reached the destination safely. The Lord has blessed and greatly helped the pastors and the churches in many parts of this regions through the Love Package ministry. The poor Sunday school children was blessed as well as many believers was blessed by the Love Packages. God also confirmed His words with miracles and wonder. Healing and deliverance took place to many people who request prayer from their pastors and evangelists.