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Coming from far and near
June 11, 2015

Thank you so much. People are coming from far and near for literatures and Bibles. We received a package of Bibles this last week. I bow my head and thank the Lord for the love and concern which has bound our hearts together. Though we are far away from each other, our hearts are nearer each day and my prayer is that God would protect you and guide you so that we may be able to work and win more souls to Christ before He returns. I will keep these Bibles for distribution in the border areas. We are continuing with our distribution with whatever literature we have available. I am so happy to receive reports from our missionaries who went to the border areas with Bibles and other literatures during October and November. During that time they baptized 105 people and gave them Bibles and other reading materials. Though there are many who are threatening, and harassment from others who oppose the Gospel, still people are hungry for the Word of God and have come forward to receive Christ. The church is growing on the Indo-China, and Indo-Burma borders. The Holy Spirit is working wonderfully by healing and delivering many. The literature is really helping. I never cease to pray for you.