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Congregation Triples!
June 11, 2015

This is in regard to your wonderful gifts and supply of the very much needed Christian Literature in our town. It is true that over 40 years being a Christian leader I haven’t seen an organization like yours, which supplies such precious materials free of charge and another thing that surprised me is the quantity in  the container. This is first time to have a container of scriptures in our District let alone even our town. The excitement from the many pastors the day you delivered the materials has been shared and expanded to many others who were not there that day.   Many have gone there and collected materials from your representative in large quantities.

Please accept our appreciation as this was a real Christmas  gift to the body of Christ. One particular Church reported their congregation triple to 200 because of outreach on receipt of the material i.e.  Bibles and Bible study materials.  Glory to God. Kindly convey our great appreciation and thanksgiving to all your supporters in America or wherever they are, we pray that the peace of God will continue to be experienced in their hearts, families, churches and offices etc.