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Convert from Islam to Christianity
June 11, 2015

I am very delighted to have an opportunity of writing this letter to you. Maybe you’re surprised to receive a letter from a person you don’t know. I know you through the good work you are doing. I was converted from Islam to Christianity because of a “Wordless” book. I got a paper that was written “free gift from God”. It was in my language. I read it and put it in my pocket. Later, as I was preparing my clothes for washing, I found the paper again in my pocket. I read it again. I had many questions in my mind, the first of if this is true, what about the Moslems? That day I did not go to the mosque to pray. I told my mother I am no longer a Moslem but a Christian. I was beaten til I fell ill, but I would not change my decision. Others that I have let read the paper I have has also denounced the Islamic faith. You are saving more souls through the writings. Please continue to evangelize Africa, especially Malawi. Thank you all.