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Despite threats, persecution and opposition
June 11, 2015

Despite all threats, persecutions, and even opposition from authority, the Spirit of God is moving in a mighty way and revival fires are spreading in many regions of eastern India. Spirit filled believers are boldly declaring the power of God and hundreds of miraculous healings and deliverance are being done in Jesus name. Youth from local churches are organized to witness the gospel and distribute literatures despite the harassment from the opposition. As a result many heathens have come to the knowledge of God. Our hearts are filled with praising and thanking the Lord as we look back in the past, and think of the people who were in darkness and lived in the regions where the gospel had never been preached and missionaries were not allowed, but by the help of literature have seen the great light of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Now Tens of thousands of believers are worshipping the Lord Jesus Christ 3-4 times a week. Churches have been built in many places that were forbidden territories. It has been the literature ministry that has proved to be the most effective means of reaching these areas. There are many more things I could tell you, but I will close here. I just wanted you to know the position of the churches here. We are in the midst of a challenging situation , but are still reaching out to those in darkness.