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South Africa
Experiencing A Revival
June 12, 2015

It is absolutely amazing how great the need is for the Word of God. We are experiencing a revival amongst the Indian community – especially out of Hinduism – and therefore the demand is great for bibles. Recently a pastor told me how grateful he was about a large print bible out of your last consignment that he could give to an elderly lady with bad eyesight in his congregation who could not afford the price asked at the regular outlets and that she now spends hours in bible study. Zulu children who traditionally made use of the bible in their language are now learning English in school and there is a big demand for English bibles by these Zulu children. We also supply to evangelists working among the prisoners and we get good feedback of criminals starting bible study groups and spending more time reading the word of God. There is a big demand for Christian books, CD’s, DVD’s, and videos. Any help along these lines will be greatly appreciated also.