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Flooding the schools with Christian literature
June 11, 2015

Let me say a big thank you to you and your ministry for the great help that you have given to us over the years, as we minister to children in this land and now to children in all of the Caribbean. It is such a joy to partner with you. As you know we are in the back to school mode and the thrust is now to get the word of God into all the schools in a systematic way. Even though “Religious Education” is taught in the schools, it has reached the point where no longer is Christianity being taught for what it is but merely for its values as with other religions.  No one dreamed that this day would come but it is here. Many children who are Christians have been known to fail their Religious Education examinations because what is being taught in these books and what is required as answers to questions, is contrary to what they are taught in church.  This coupled with the fact that most of the children who go to school don’t go to church on a regular basis. Therefore they are not able to counteract what is being taught. We will be flooding the schools with Christian literature, which will be used as part of their reading curriculum. This way they will be given a constant dose of scripture.  Many Christian teachers have been using our materials to do just that.  So we want to expand that.  We know the principals won’t object. Thank God most of them are Christians.