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God Bless You
June 11, 2015

Greetings. I write to appreciate you for the gift of books. They are a blessing to me and have helped me to grow and develop my God given gift of intercession. Personally am a nurse by profession and work in a government hospital as a result am a member of Kenya Hospitals Medical Workers Fellowship (which is a fellowship for born again medical workers countrywide who believe in prayer and God’s healing power) We come together to preach Jesus and pray for the sick in our respective hospitals. I do belong to another group that convenes every lunch time to pray for our city and preach, called Kitale Interdenominational Lunch Hour Fellowship. Despite all these responsibilities, I have always made myself available to be used of God in intercession. The book “Prayers that Avail Much” has been a blessing to me and has taught me new ways of praying effectively using scriptures for my family, career, employer, ministry and much more. Another book “Pathway to the Heart of God” by Terry Glaspey has done me good by answering questions about prayer. I’ve been searching for books on how to enlarge my circle of prayer, how I can effectively listen to God and tap heaven’s instructions and how to pray without ceasing. Generally the books are a wonder and a blessing to me and my ministry of intercession. I’m really grateful. God bless you.