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Gratitude was Enormous
June 12, 2015

Many magazines, children’s CDs, daily devotionals and other books were distributed in a personal one-on-one basis amongst the staff of many shops. This provided some wonderful ministry opportunities and ongoing relationships in that centre. Peter looks forward to the opportunity to sow more seeds in this centre with the fresh batch of materials. Several established churches benefitted from the wonderful Sunday School materials. The gratitude for these resources was enormous and definitely worth every bit of the effort to get them there. One teen was praying for a bible and was so blessed by a second hand teen study bible. One wife was so excited because her husband received two books on the exact topic she was praying for God to minister into her husbands life. Both these books were read and reread and God has answered her prayers. A box of quality children’s materials found it’s way into the hands of a volunteer heading off to Indonesia. It was distributed amongst the children there who were devastated by the tsunami.