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Greetings from Bulgaria
June 11, 2015

Blessings in the name of Jesus Christ and Greetings from the country of Bulgaria ! We thank and pray to God for all of you at Love Packages . Your work to supply Christian literature and Bible study material to the neediest people around the world, is a great blessing for the body of Christ. High Evangelical Theological University which is only Christian education institution in Bulgaria has been privileged to receive from your ministry around 25,000 books for the University Library. The Library is very important for the successful work of the students in The University . Also by building the Library, the university was able to receive a government’s full accreditation as official education institution. It is so great ! We continually need to add to the library every year 5,000 books more. We have receive over 200 boxes with tracts in Bulgarian, Turkish and Macedonian language. The tracts have been distribute around the territory of Bulgaria, Macedonian, Kosovo and European part of Turkey. As result of the work of our missionary teams, one of the tents was sent to Bulgaria with container from your ministry and the tracts, new churches are established. In Macedonia – 13 new churches, in Kosovo – 11 churches, in Turkey the churches are underground. Many thousands Bulgarian people and ex-Muslim are drawing near to Christ.