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Helping those who need Bibles
June 11, 2015

Thank you very much. I have receive 4 boxes of Holy Bibles and 1 box of mini booklets – God Loves You from Sowers of Seed Inc. Due to flood and landslide, roads toward Kohima was completely blockage, so that I could not write earlier. I am so happy for those bibles as our gospel workers needed them. As soon as I received those boxes, I send words to our partners and 4 parties have come and collected their shares. It is a blessing for us when I could sent and spreading the words of God in the regions where the people were waiting and praying for the word of God. Many newly born in the kingdom of God are desirous to own a bible, but most of them are very poor, cannot afford to buy one, also it is not available. We thank and praise God for His faithfulness that through the Love Package we are enabled to help those who are in need of bible. God has blessed us and filled our hearts with joy whenever we could send and give the words to the people who are thirsty and hungry for the word of God. I am blessed and the churches are blessed in many ways, physically and spiritually. The believers are happy.