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Here is a praise report!
June 11, 2015

Here is praise report.  We went to a town called Kefi and minister to Muslim preacher by name Sadikq Mohamed  and his family.  They all gave their life to Christ.  Then we went  to a place called Cotangolla and so many of the Muslim there repented. Then we went to a town very close to Jalingo in Taraba state and we distribute a lot of Bibles.  I will  be going back there on Thursday for follow up on the local ruler who together with his three wives and over sixteen children all give their lives to Christ.  This is causing a very big problem in the community, as this is the first time a community ruler changed religion. So lift me up in prayers.  We have sent a quantity of Christian Literature to a Muslim strong hold in  Sokoto state that is where the head of Muslim in the whole  Nigeria come from and we are getting a lot of reports of conversion. All of these things are because of God using your literature.  Please Steven see if you can send to us more.