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High School Teacher Drives 380 Km for Bibles
November 28, 2020

We are running out of Bibles, books etc.

We had a teacher from Mutate village about 380 kilometers east of Harare. She was so excited to collect Bibles for the high school she teaches. They have 120 students and all have given their lives to God. She had special times where they gave Bible studies, but non had Bibles. When she heard of the Bibles and books that we get from Love Packages she could not sleep.

She got up at 4 AM to travel to Harare, to see if she could get some. Her fear was there would be zero for her if she came too late. She left as soon as we filled her car—she could not wait to get home and show the students what she was able to get.

They have now included Bible Studies in their school curriculum. She called this afternoon so excited the students are happy and they are all ready to dig in to the Word of God.

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