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I have lost count
June 11, 2015

I have lost count, and stopped counting, how many thousands of children, young people and their families have accepted Christ because of the feeding program.  In  half of the areas in which we operate, there are no Christian churches to help bring God’s message to the children and their families. So we have distributed thousands of pieces of Christian literature from Love Packages in these areas.  Churches that cooperate with us have doubled, tripled or in some areas the churches are totally overwhelmed. Many churches now hold 3 to 5 services on Sunday to accommodate the harvest.  Because of the Christian literature we are distributing thru the feeding programs, more than half a million people have come to know Jesus Christ, in the last few years.  This opens the door to Christian churches to “evangelize”.  Sadly, we do not have enough workers now to teach “values education” in all the participating schools, but Love Packages literature is being used in all the schools.