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I have reached the place of a grown up Christian
June 11, 2015

I’m fine in the Lord Jesus and I thank him in my heart.  Below is my testimony.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude  to Love Packages  through Pastor John Kimaiyo who has been a spiritual father and a mentor to me, I knew him  when I was undertaking my Diploma in ministry and discipleship.  He was a lecturer at the same time a school director.   I now with great joy confess that through his assistance I have reached the place of a grown up Christian having benefited from several series of Christian literature materials  that I collect and read from his small home library. My joy was more fulfilled recently when  he gave me a wonderful modern Bible (DAKE’S ANNOTATED BIBLE) I was so happy and thankful to him and to Love Packages for the good work you are doing to improve and widen the readership and knowledge of Gods people.  You have helped to mentor, train and disciple many through such men as Pastor Kimaiyo.  God bless you and expand your territory beyond the horizon, amen.