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I started searching to know who is the real God…
June 11, 2015

I was born and brought up in a Hindu family. As I grew up, I used to go to Hindu Temples and we use to pray there. Later on I had a question in my mind—Why these gods, idols are not speaking to us when we come with trouble and worship?  Then I started searching to know who is the real God. That’s the time I had chance to go to Marantha Church. After the service, pastor came down and spoke to me and  gave me a new bible. He asked me to read it everyday. As I was reading it, I found answer to my questions that “Jesus Christ” is a true God and Saviour. It’s a great privilege for me to get saved and become a child of God. As I keep coming continuously to the church, pastor  used to give me many spiritual books which made me to grow more spiritually. A special book which encouraged me is “The Trouble With Jesus”. By reading this book, I learned how to stand for Christ and to abide in the Word of God. Thank you and God bless.