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I Wasted My Spiritual Life
June 11, 2015

Testimony that said in the church last Sunday service. Those who received the bible.

Brother. Thomas Anthony is Roman Catholic Church member, we use to visit his house whenever we get chance to share the gospel. As you know that Roman catholic Christians will not read the bible or they will not carry the bible to church any time.

By the grace of god, we got free bible from you, and then I took one and gave to him with prayer to read every day. And especially I told him to read some marked pages and scriptures in the new testaments and old testaments. God has answered our prayer; by the next week he ran and come to church one evening to meet me. HE SAID THAT so many years I wasted my life in spiritual without knowing the truth of god and salvation through Jesus Christ. He said with tears that I thank god for given me now great privilege to know about god , salvation, baptism. He said that every day I am spending 2 hours to read the bible. By the grace of god , now he is ready to take baptism by next month. Please pray for him.  Please pray for these persons who received free bibles.