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John Kimaiyo
June 11, 2015

Several years ago I met a young man by the name of John Kimayio at a pastors conference that I was doing in Bungoma, up by the Ugandan border of Kenya.

The Lord really impressed me concerning the quality of this young man. When I returned to the States we began to send mail bags of literature to John.

When I went to Kenya this time I wrote John and told him I was coming, and for him to come and find me, which he did. Well come to find out, his home was only about 10 miles from where I was staying. So he invited me to come to his home. John lives in a 12 x12’ mud hut with a thatched roof, with his wife and three sons. It was a great joy for them to have me there, and a great joy for me too. They served me tea and bread. The best they had. John then showed me his pride and joy, “The Moisbridge Pastors Library”. There in the hut was four selves of books that Love Packages had sent. What a blessing to see them!! But then John took out a notebook and begin to show me literally hundreds of names of people who had checked out the books. He then began to share with me how this person had given their life to Christ, and that one had been called to preach, this one didn’t commit suicide, this family was restored, this one was healed, and this one was delivered from drugs. As I listened to the stories I began to cry as I thought about the wonderful grace and mercy that the Lord had poured out by the Spirit through these few books.