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Juba for Jesus
June 12, 2015

I can share one story that has really touched my heart when we went to Juba Sudan. Sudan has been in war for 50 years, and last year May they signed the peace treaty with SPLA when the North gave them the freedom in SOUthern Sudan under John Garang, he became the Vice Pres. of Sudan but for only few weeks because he was in a helicopter crash in Norther Uganda June. He died as a hero to Southern Sudanese, he was a Christian, and many of this liberators were Christians as well. We have some in the team that shared to us how they lived in the bush, fighting the army. The people attending Juba for Jesus Conference, 1200 and more, had a parade around town, it was so hot but the Christians walk for almost 2 hours to me its 3 hours, singing “Juba for Jesus today” many people that are on the road start to join them, it was a very emotional time. It was the first time they can show their faith in Christ without being shot,people were crying, for joy. The tracts that you sent in Arabic, was very powerful, because the language they speak and read is Arabic, so when they were marching and distributing the tracks, it was like a hot pan cake, even the Arabs are running to get these tracks. When they reach John Garangs cemetery, they were all crying, with sadness and joy because we heard that John Garang became a committed Christian , and this is his wish to proclaim the gospel to Sudan and now it is happening. I was there and I felt God’s presence all through the conference and the joy these Christians has felt, the materials has helped, many of them are Pastors and got the Bibles too , many Christians got Bibles for the First time. Thanks again for the work you are doing for us here to get materials.