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Just made my day
June 12, 2015

You just made my day, no amount of words can describe the value of your ministry to us, I serve in EHC as a zonal director in 3 countries Zimbabwe, Zambia and Malawi, in all my monthly travels in these nations, the cry for reading material gets louder, you will find Bible schools that virtually have no reading resources and students pass years without books to study. The reason the work for evangelism in Africa is still so massive, is not because Africa has not been evangelized, no, but because we have to re-do the work again and again, people are converted but not given depth in Christ for lack of informative resources. More than 85% of church leadership in southern Africa have no formal bible school training. Our tragedy can be summed up in the words we frequently use now to remind ourselves of relevance AFRICA- RISKS BUILDING A CHURCH 20KM LONG BUT ONE INCH DEEP. GOD BLESS YOUR PASSION. Keep the books coming.