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Left Praising the Lord!
June 11, 2015

Pastor Jorge has been distributing the literature.  One Pastor from Villa Nueva, who pastors a very poor church, came by invitation from a young boy who helps clean the warehouse. The boy invited this pastor to come to the meeting and receive material but the pastor said he could not come because he had no money for any material. The boy told him that the material was all free. When the pastor heard that, he said that it must be very old, and poor material because no one gives away nice material. He came anyway and afterwards approached Pastor Jorge and asked for forgiveness for his poor faith and attitude about the material. He was totally amazed by what he received for free and literally left praising the Lord.

Another pastor from the Linda Vista area approached Pastor Jorge after the meeting and asked for forgiveness because he was not in support of Pastor Jorge’s ministry and church due to the style of music and outreach they use. This pastor even stated that Pastor Jorge and his members were nuts or “loco”.  After receiving the material at this meeting this Pastor gave Pastor Jorge one hundred quetzals or the equivalent of $12.00 and said “This is not even one tenth of what you have given  to us with this material.” He continued by asking Pastor Jorge to take this and buy himself a Coca Cola with it. He then asked Pastor Jorge to forgive him and his attitude towards his ministry in the community and said he was changing his thoughts about Pastor Jorge and the church.