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Ministries in the slum
June 11, 2015

Evangelism report and testimony for the glory of god. By the grace of God, one day we as a evangelism team went for the gospel tracts distribution ministries in the Slum area where nobody is not reached with gospel , but we went there and distributed gospel literatures and books to them and we had open air gospel meetings in the street and we sang few songs and preached and finally we started to pray for the sick people , PRAISE THE LORD , it was a amazing to see the miracle healing and deliverance from the bondage of witchcraft , demon possessed and sin. Thereafter these miracles healing had reached many areas. By hearing the above testimony the next area -south tank block- people and leader of that area requested us to conduct prayer and gospel meetings, so in midst of great financial crisis, we accepted their invitation AND they requested us to bear the part of gospel meetings expenses like, to HIRE SOUND SYSTEMS, music, our travel. But they provided lighting and other arrangements. However, by the leading of the Holy Spirit we conducted gospel and healing prayer meetings with our church co-workers. While preaching the word of God you see how people keenly hearing the gospel. After the message, I gave altar call to the public people, it was a great miracle more than 20 people accepted Jesus Christ as saviour. During healing prayer time many have touched by god and healed from the very worst sickness.

1) Here I would like to give copy of the testimonies that one Mr. Murthy he is a leader of the area committee his age could be around 55, he gave testimony in the public that I understood now that only Jesus is the real God and saviour of human life, only He can save a mankind from hell and only Jesus can give a real eternal life. The above mentioned person is a strong Hindu man and also he is a secretary of the local Hindu temple. He said that he was suffering with severe back pain and neck pain but as you are all praying I felt that something electric shock in my body then immediately my back pain all gone!

2) After our gospel meetings many other people also came and received booklets and New Testament bible I will send some more testimonies that gave in the meetings. Really your books and booklets and other materials are greatly helping us to share gospel to others.