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Only God…
June 11, 2015

The distribution is going smoothly. The mission team to Cuba have expressed their appreciation for the Spanish materials. They make annual trips there and there is a possibility that it may increase. It’s the first time they have been able to carry so much material in.

The distribution of the other material is also going well as many schools, are using the material as part of their curriculum. Some have reported changes in the behavior of some of the little ones as they read the books. There was one boy in particular who was being very disruptive in class. The teacher was trying to get the children to sing “Lord I lift your name on high” but he just kept on interfering with everyone and everything until he took up a book with the Easter story. He opened the pages to the crucifixion, took a look at the 3 crosses and exclaimed, “That’s Jesus”, pointing to the middle cross. Immediately he started singing the song and has been a changed person from that day! Only God could have done it. And there are many more children whose lives have been affected by the materials. Some churches have been using the materials for their “Sidewalk Sunday School”. This is a project where the church goes into the inner city where the kids don’t go to church because they have no clothes to wear. Most of them are barefooted and poor. Sunday school classes are kept on the sidewalk with as many as 60 -70 children in attendance. They are taught the word of God and fed by the church as sometimes many of them come to Sunday school without eating. (Our ministry has been able to help in securing some meals for them.) They are also given Bibles material for the parents to work with them on. The main challenge they face at the moment is accommodation (preferably a tent and chairs) to shelter them from the sun and rain during that time. There are 20 such Sunday schools in the city at the moment. Help us pray that the Lord will provide the necessary items. This mission can mean the difference between life and death for a lot of the young boys as the only other alternative is a life of crime in order to survive. However, many have been encouraged to embrace Christ instead of the gun and even those who have not yet turned to the Lord have made a change in their behavior. So let’s keep praying and seeking help from the Lord.