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Paralysis healed
June 11, 2015

Thank you very much for another 2 packages received last week. Since we began the literature ministry there has been someone somewhere getting saved. Thousands have come to the Lord and tens of thousands have received a witness through Love Packages literature. The first week of August, 3 brothers came to us and gave us testimony of how they gave their lives to Christ because of our literature. All were from a Hindu background. One gave a wonderful testimony. According to him he became paralyzed because of a spinal-cord injury. He was treated by many doctors but continued to get worse. He wanted to take his own life but was unable because of the paralysis. One day his uncle came to visit him. His uncle had been blind for two years, so he was surprised to see him healed.

The uncle said I heard about your accident and have come to tell you there is a way to be healed. I heard a man preaching about Jesus and I prayed to Him and was healed, so I want you to believe in Jesus. The uncle gave him a tract but he would not believe or even read it,even though he kept it. He said my father is a Hindu, I am a Hindu. and my mother is completely against Christianity, but on seeing him suffer, his father told him to try believing on Jesus. That night he read the tract. It said. “Come to me all you who are weary and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest,” After reading the tract he started to pray and promised to give his life to Christ if He would heal him. Suddenly he felt like a electric shock from head to toe and he was healed. Now he is traveling all over the country telling that Jesus is saviour and is alive. All of his family have also become believers. I just wanted to write because the effectiveness of literature is tremendous. If this small tract had not been given to this young man, I believe he would still be in bed or dead. But praise God a small piece of literature has saved him and all his family.