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People are being blessed
June 11, 2015

I’m really, really grateful for the gifts. Sincerely everyone is grateful and happy. I’m pleased to inform you that people are being blessed through the books. I have distributed the books to certain groups. One group comprises nurses and medical workers in a government hospital which is very very busy. These are people who have devoted themselves to pray for the sick and minister at large in the hospital wards. I entrusted one nurse to be in charge of the books and to monitor their circulation among the nurses and she is doing a wonderful job. Nurses take the books and read when they are off duty, when they are finished they return them to her office. Then she gives them to some other one. I am so grateful that they are reading and that God is changing them. The Bibles you sent me, I desired to keep for myself, but I saw the needs of other people. The King James Bible I gave to a brother who just gave his life to Christ. Another one the Life Application Bible for Students I desired very much to keep it at first because I did not have a study Bible and second because it was very nice. But I saw someone who just didn’t have a desire but a real need so I gave it to him. I believe I have honored the Lord and He will see this as seed.