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Police Community hungry for God’s Word
June 12, 2015

We gave 10 full Boxes of Literature  (Books and tracts) to a born again Policeman  for free distribution. He is a long time  distributor. After a long time, he sent a letter to our office testifying that he had distributed all materials and said that there is a hunger and thirst in the Police Community. Through his distribution he says many have heard the word of God, and are changed, touched and they need something more because it is not easy to be Policemen. He has been even contributing to help us take out Containers from the Port.   I also received a letter from a Zambian prisoner asking for Gospel Literature. I don’t know how he came to know our address. This Prisoner is asking Gospel materials for reading and giving to others. He is explaining the need of Gospel materials in their Prison there in Zambia. I thank God that there is a Container coming soon  for Zambia and Malawi, we pray that God will open doors for Love Packages to continue helping Africa with the Gospel Materials.