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Real answer to prayer
June 11, 2015

We want to once again thank you sincerely for the wonderful literature you have sent in the container. This is a real answer to our prayers. The container arrived at such a time when we have summer Bible Classes (VBS) and we have conducted several training programmes for pastors and teachers who are involved in child evangelism. There are many partners who are coming to our office to collect the VBS materials and when they saw the valuable children’s packets you sent, they were filled with much pleasure. One pastor said that These materials are sent to India and it is a proof that God loves Indian children very much. We distributed several hundreds of packets to Missionary organizations such as YWAM, Youth for Christ, Blessing Youth Mission, Friends Missionary Prayer Band and these missionaries are working in all nooks and corners of India where people have not heard the name of Jesus. There are no words to express our thanks as your literature has blessed hundreds and thousands of children in India. Many schools here have taken the children’s VBS kits, magazines and Bible Study books for their library. All the used Bibles that we received blessed many poor evangelists and Bible college students and these were distributed within two days’ time. There is a great need for these used Bibles as many people cannot afford to buy one. (Note: The container had over 5,000 used bibles in it!! Distributed in 2 days!)