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June 11, 2015

Greetings from Kenya. I say thank you very much for seeing a need of helping people understand the Word in third world countries by sending them literature. I believe that you are sowing in the right ground and God is going to reward you for what you are doing.

So far we have registered about 800 who have gotten saved by reading Love Packages literature in the 9 months since we have opened our reading room and library. We share the Word with anyone who comes to our library to read. We don’t have so much materials but with the few books, tapes, and other literature from Love Packages our small room is filled up. About 50 people come to read everyday. Many Churches have also been coming in for materials.

I have also been offering lessons on how to use a concordance and a Thompson Chain reference Bible. Thanks a lot for teaching me how to use them and other books too.

Love Packages literature is really bringing people together. We now have 9 weekly fellowships for our new converts and for our regular readers. What a blessing! Send us more literature if possible, I am thinking of starting another library with by brother Jonathan in Webuye Kenya.