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Soldier in Afghanistan
June 11, 2015

I just want to thank you sincerely for your gracious gifts of the Word. In my Bible I find hope, faith, love, understanding, calmness, but most of all TRUTH!! I can only hope that these Bibles find hearts that open up to the same principles I have found inside. It is a struggle sometimes to share Christ’s Word with some of my fellow soldier’s who live in the flesh, but having been there, I know what fears exist in the unknown. The only real truth I have found is in the covers of my Bible, and I only pray that God gives me the strength and courage to better share it with my brothers-in-arms.  I have learned a lot since being here. Psalms 91 tells me not to fear, but to make Christ my fortress. There really is no reason to fear when He has given me AUTHORITY over my enemies!. Thank you again for what you are doing for us over here. Thanks for your prayers and trust in your soldiers.