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Freedom Through the Word
February 9, 2020

Praise be to God, He is doing wonders through the village ministries and the prayerful use of the materials you’ve given to us. God is wonderful. Many souls have been saved in these villages. I am an eye- witness. I saw 6 Muslim families come to Christ when they were given Bibles to read. The […]

Their Own Bibles
February 4, 2020

This was amazing—this church called Christ Assembly only had one Bible. The pastor and congregants fasted several times each week for four years. They survived with one Bible only, so it was a great day, a great day indeed, when they all got Bibles from Love Packages. The report I got was that they had […]

235 Baptized in Ghana
October 16, 2019

God has been so good to the people of Ejura in the Asante Region of Ghana. According to Revered [redacted] the number of people who got saved and baptized recently are over 235. In the Ejura Muslims community alone, 62 Muslims got saved and baptized through literature evangelism. According to him, he said more Bibles, books and […]

Bibles for Zimbabwe
September 28, 2019

I write to you expressing my joy and happiness for the books and Bible that you gave to me and my family. I could not afford to buy a Bible for my entire life, but God knew that one day I’ll get one through you.   I could not afford to buy a Bible for […]

Muslim Police Officers Request Bibles
March 23, 2019

Two police officers (Muslims) walked into our warehouse and said, “We want to read for ourselves what is in your Bible, can you quickly get us one each?” So I quickly responded “Oh, why not?” So one of the warehouse keepers quickly picked for me two pocket New Testaments. Last week, one of them came […]

How to Donate Old Bibles
February 16, 2019

If you have old or extra bibles (or other Christian literature) at home, don’t dispose of them! It’s easy to get them on the mission field and they are NEEDED!

Jubilation to Own Their Very Own Bible
December 2, 2018

From Zimbabwe: There was a team of five women that work in the Hospital and Prisons as evangelists. They faithfully go every week. They have won over 350 souls. They serve in the missions team under us, and have come on board as volunteers. The Bibles were a great blessing indeed – they were so […]