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785 Souls Saved in Ghana
November 28, 2020

The materials helped us in our evangelism and community education work where over seven hundred and eighty-five souls gave their lives to Christ and three hundred and fifty rededicated their lives to Christ. Also, over one thousand, one hundred and fifty children were evangelized in six schools and were supplied with booklets and magazines. While […]

Satanic Church Requests the Gospel
April 4, 2020

Ministry Pastors network and I began bombarding every corner of Accra Regions with the gospel literature we received from Love Packages. Last December, many of the cults and the occults were telephoning my personal cell phone threatening me of death if I do not stop helping the Churches with the millions of pieces of gospel […]

Freedom Through the Word
February 9, 2020

Praise be to God, He is doing wonders through the village ministries and the prayerful use of the materials you’ve given to us. God is wonderful. Many souls have been saved in these villages. I am an eye- witness. I saw 6 Muslim families come to Christ when they were given Bibles to read. The […]

235 Baptized in Ghana
October 16, 2019

God has been so good to the people of Ejura in the Asante Region of Ghana. According to Revered [redacted] the number of people who got saved and baptized recently are over 235. In the Ejura Muslims community alone, 62 Muslims got saved and baptized through literature evangelism. According to him, he said more Bibles, books and […]

23 Muslims Gave Their Lives to Christ
September 28, 2019

There was mass distribution of Christian literature, Bibles, books and tracts in the township and villages of Ejura. When Reverend Solomon received these materials from us, he said there is a mosque in every single community in Ejura. After distributing hundreds of Christian literature in these Muslim communities, many of the Muslims became very angry […]

Muslim Police Officers Request Bibles
March 23, 2019

Two police officers (Muslims) walked into our warehouse and said, “We want to read for ourselves what is in your Bible, can you quickly get us one each?” So I quickly responded “Oh, why not?” So one of the warehouse keepers quickly picked for me two pocket New Testaments. Last week, one of them came […]

204 Pastors Now Have Bibles
February 2, 2019

From Ghana: I was very very happy when I heard from over 204 pastors that I supported last year with 300 Bibles, books and other Christian literature that Love Packages shipped to MPNI. Most of these pastors were not having Bibles so I was overwhelmed with passion to carry the Bibles, books and other Christian […]

Grateful to God
June 16, 2015

We deem it grateful to thank God that He is using us to bring more souls to His Kingdom. The booklets given to us were used in so many programmes like a children’s rally, open air meetings and Good News Club party. Children and adults were ministered to through these occasions and over 300 of […]

Reaching muslims and others
June 11, 2015

We received several phone calls of people who have been touched by the tracts and needed a way forward of which we directed them what to do. We had many Moslems who received the tracts and read them. In fact, we were able to share tracts to alcoholics, unbelievers, backsliders and the general public. Many […]

Ministry report
June 11, 2015

This report will not be complete without rendering my sincere thanks and gratitude to all those involved in this ministry of providing and equipping the teaching of bible studies to children and youth. This ministry fills a big gap in the teaching of children in a number of churches. This service is of such immeasurable […]

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