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The Lost Coin in Myanmar
November 2, 2018

From Myanmar:

The past three month I went to Myansalii village. There was a man named Theing and originally his religion was Buddhist. They are so strong but the personal talking was very affective with him.

Now he knows that he has many great sinfulness in his life according the Bible which I gave to him. By the goodness of God He accepted what I am sharing with him in his house.

The story that touch him so much and turned him to God was the lost coin from the book of Luke. The coin doesn’t know about it being lost, he said that I am the same as the lost coin. I didn’t know I was lost, but now I know that He is the true and the living God.

He shares his testimony and it is so wonderful. He is truly born again and accepted Jesus Christ as his personal savior and Lord.

He now says that my family and relatives are my responsibility, my duty to share the love of God with them daily. So I hope that through him, many of them, will know the savior of the world and that He is the true and living God


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